Don’t Let Halloween Be a Fright Night for Your Dog

Four Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween dog

  1. Dogs look cute in Halloween costumes, but how do they feel about it? It can be scary, uncomfortable and even dangerous if there are chewable pieces to it. If you do dress up your pet, make sure the costume doesn’t interfere with their sight, movement, breathing, and hearing; and never let them be in a costume unsupervised. An alternative is to use a decorative leash, collar or bandana.
  2. During Trick-or-Treat hours, when that doorbell is ringing every few minutes, even the calmest dogs can get anxious. They may try to dart out the door, so you want to be sure they have a current ID on them. Another option is to put your dog in a separate room and use a soothing wrap and soothing music that helps them feel calm until the activity is over.
  3. Stash your treats! Dogs should not have any candy. Why not get them a special dog treat for the holiday instead? Chocolate and especially dark chocolate, contains theobromine, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and heart issues. A non-sugar sweetener called Xylitol can be especially dangerous as well, since it could cause hypoglycemia, seizures, liver failure or even death.
  4. Jack-O-Lanterns are a tradition that’s fun and festive for Halloween, but your dog may get too curious and knock it over. The last thing you need is a lit pumpkin burning while you’re feeding trick-or-treaters! Just be aware of where you put your decorations and wires to keep everybody safe this Halloween.


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