How to Hire a Pet Sitter

As the holidays approach, many of us need to hire someone to take care of our pets while we’re away visiting family or friends. It’s an anxiety producing task, but it doesn’t have to be. With these few quick tips below, you can be confident that your pet will be in good hands.

Pet sitter

Some of the best sources are our neighbors and friends who have pets of their own. If you have the time, ask around and learn as much as you can about their pet sitter before you arrange a meeting.

If you haven’t gotten any recommendations, start with online searches of agencies such as They have done the vetting for you and you can review their pet sitters’ profiles ahead of time.

Always meet the sitter first before hiring him or her. Ask plenty of questions, such as whether they are bonded and insured. Professional sitters usually have their own insurance. Find out how flexible their schedule is and ask if they stay overnight (if that is your preference). If not, learn when they are available to take care of your pet and make sure your desired schedule fits with theirs. You should not have to compromise a great deal. It may just not be a good fit.

One more thing: Have the sitter and your dog meet and go on a walk with you. You will get to see whether your dog takes to the sitter and see their approach to your pet. You can ask for references and get back to them if all checks out. I also write out any instructions, so the sitter doesn’t have to rely on memory.

You will find these few steps will ensure that you and your pet can relax and enjoy the holidays. It may not be quite like having you home, but your pet will love the attention and care from their new (temporary) best friend.

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